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Joe Buck Answers the Call

Jan 18, 2009, 11:30 AM EDT

Gonzo over at the Inquirer managed to chat with Joe Buck about the perception the announcer is anti-Philadelphia and didn't even want to punch him in the mouth! Okay, maybe he still wanted to punch Buck in the mouth but he didn't do it. At least he didn't tell us about it.

You called yourself "Mr. Philadelphia." But some of the fans here
think you're biased against us. Are you bothered by the heat you get as
a result?

I do cry myself to sleep. I won't lie. I wake up with red puffy
eyes. No, the people have been great. I did an Eagles game earlier this
year and took my daughter out. We walked around, and the people
couldn't have been nicer. I'm not from Philly. I'm from St. Louis. I
get it. I'm the outsider. I understand. But I can handle it. The
perception is that I'm against every team's fans.

I know Mr. Philadelphia, and you sir are no Mr. Philadelphia.

>>Money talks and so does Joe Buck [Inquirer]

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