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Jrue Holiday Plays Baksetball Inside a Shoe in A$AP Rocky-Narrated Adidas Commercial

Apr 26, 2013, 2:58 PM EDT

That boy Jrue, he nice. As nice as fellow point guard sensations Damian Lillard of Portland and John Wall of Washington, and as nice as Harlem-bred rapper A$AP Rocky, all of whom show up for this bizarre-but-kinda-cool Adidas commercial featuring the three young NBA stars playing basketball inside a gigantic shoe, their tale narrated by the aforementioned Rocky.

It doesn’t make much more sense than it sounds like from that above description–the way Rocky tells the story, the three comprised a “family of Quicks on my block,” living inside a giant shoe (which looks kind of like the foot statue from the terrible last season of LOST), balling free of further context. But it’s cool to see the three young’ns, including our own All-Star, flashing crossover moves and dunks and the like to the strains of A$AP’s “Goldie,” as the rapper narrates with his typical effortless charisma.

Quick Ain’t Fair, apparently. Little too close to Fast Don’t Lie for my tastes, but a good idea is a good idea forever, I suppose.