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Kevin Kolb Selected By Eagles.. Kevin Who?

Apr 28, 2007, 7:21 PM EDT

I hope you enjoyed your Saturday, Eagles fans. We waited all day for the 26th pick, then waited some more once it was traded to Dallas. Finally, in a pick nobody saw coming the Birds draft QB Kevin Kolb at 36. Kevin who?

He's a shotgun passer who seems to be a product of his offense at Houston. People knocked Brady Quinn for not beating top teams. Kevin Kolb didn't even play top teams. Honestly, I don't get the pick. Do the Eagles know something we don't? Is Donovan McNabb really that injury prone? Is this guy capable of becoming a franchise quarterback? This seemed to come out of nowhere. What about those needs in the secondary? What about the LBs?

I've been sitting here all day excitedly waiting to see who the Birds would take. I think these fans sum up my feelings pretty well on the pick.

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Eagles Fans Boo Kevin Kolb 2007 NFL Draft