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Kobe, Snakes, Jackass, & the Lakers

May 27, 2008, 3:41 PM EDT

Here’s the latest "viral video" attempt by Nike and Kobe Bryant that includes Chris "Party Boy" Pontius and Weeman of Jackass fame. As a follow up to the fairly popular Aston Martin stunt, Kobe and his new friends fill a pool up with some snakes and strangeness ensues.

Weeman and Steve-O both take plunges into the pool of Indiana Jones nightmares. Then Kobe, with some obvious computer assistance, does his best Dr. J from the foul line impersonation over the snake filled pool.

SportsByBrooks has the transcript of Kobe talking about the "assistance" he had in the stunt.

Now, also in Kobe related news: I found myself pulling for the Lakers over the weekend in their match up with the Spurs. Has my Kobe hatred gone soft after the Sixers haven’t played a meaningful game against the Philly kind-of-native in years?

What’s your take on Kobe. Yay or nay?