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March Madness, Green Beer, and VEGAS!

Mar 17, 2005, 6:55 AM EDT

Today may be the greatest day of the year, a combination of St. Patties day and the start of March Madness. (Page2 article which also has a picture of Salma) To top all of that, I’m flying to Vegas (Page2: Jackpot Jay: Lucky or Good?) later for the weekend.  I picked up this Phillies hat for the day, complete with a shamrock on the back. 

CNN has an article out there in which they claim U.S. companies will lose roughly $900 million dollars to productivity being down due to employees watching March Madness games on their computer.  The article also guesses that roughly 3.5 billion dollars will be bet on the tournament.  Glen Macnow said on his show yesterday that Vegas sportsbooks will make roughly 90 million dollars on the tournament, 1/25,000th of which may be mine.

There are also some baseball hearings today on steroids.. Speaking of small testicles.. Boston is queer.

I’ll be sure to give a full report of my Vegas jaunt when I return, but in the mean time feel free to click on one of the google ads to help me cut my losses.. they are the links in red.

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