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Mayberry gone; Reese likely gone

Mar 7, 2005, 8:23 AM EDT

The Eagles are playing the salary cap game which they seem to do so well.  I’ll be sad to see Reese go.  He was a great special teamer, and a good presence in the locker room.  The Eagles seem to have a lot of faith in Mike Labinjo.

Link: Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/06/2005 | Mayberry flees Birds; Reese likely to follow.

Reese, 31, said last week that he had yet to receive an offer from the Eagles but was still hopeful he would return. A team source said that the Eagles were in negotiations with linebacker Keith Adams and that they were not likely to re-sign both Adams and Reese along with Jeremiah Trotter because they believe they have enough depth with Mike Labinjo and Greg Richmond.