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Meet the Coors Field Streaker, Sheana Shea

Apr 25, 2008, 2:11 PM EDT

Tuesday’s Phillies win over the Rockies was gently interrupted by a fan on the field, a female fan, a female fan without a shirt. We heard about it on the airwaves, but as usual didn’t get to see anything. Fortunately, Meech did a fine job unearthing a photojournalist’s chronicling of the event (and today, he’s even located a new shot, plus the Phillies outfielders’ reactions). She even left him a comment!

A quick googling also brings us this video of Ms. Sheana Shea (sounds like a Mets fan porn star), reading her one-item Christmas list to Santa, which took us from enthralled to appalled:

all i want for christmas