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Mets-Phillies Rivalry Already Turned Ugly

May 4, 2009, 10:35 AM EDT

It took all of two games for the Mets-Phillies rivalry to turn ugly in the stands at Citizens Bank Park. I emailed with Nick, the photographer behind these photos of a bloodied up Mets fan to get the story.

Nick's report below:

I didn't see the incident occur, but the story that spread
through our section was that he was hit on the head with a
glass bottle. I don't know how you'd get a glass bottle
into the stadium since they're doing full pat-downs this
year, but I don't know what else could cause that kind of

When the commotion started he was standing up, but he fell
to the ground soon after I started watching. He was on the
ground for a while and it took about 10-15 minutes for an
EMT to arrive. They bandaged his head and helped him walk
away. Apparently the perpetrator was immediately led away
by the police.

Our area (section 143, in left field) and the outfield in
general were pretty nuts throughout the game. A fan in the
scoreboard porch area threw a bottle of beer on the field
after Ibanez's home run, and I later saw police and security
questioning him. Also, while the bloodied fan was waiting for
the EMT to arrive, about 5-10 people in orange shirts were
walked down from the scoreboard porch handcuffed by the
. I think they also were ejecting fans who threw Mets
home runs back on the field.
All in all a wild day. I wouldn't have wanted to have a
family there. And it's only May. I can't imagine what the
fall could be like.

Thanks to Nick for his report. This kind of behavior from either team's fans doesn't belong at the ball park. Why can't fans of both teams just enjoy some baseball and keep the trash talking to simply that: talking?

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