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Mexico is Hot

Jun 20, 2005, 5:05 AM EDT

As you may have noticed, this post has nothing to do with Philly Sports and I may stray from the main theme of this website a bit more often, just a heads up.
Chichenitza_the700leveldotcomI made it back alive.  Mexico is interesting.  Hot this time of year.  I ended up listening to 1776 by David McCullough and enjoyed it a great deal.  Not being a history buff, I kind of think of the revolution as Oh Yeah, the Revolution? The Americans beat the hell out of the British, LIBERTY BELL! Independence, etc.

gives you a great insight into the actual people, focusing on G.W., and the amazing struggles they barely overcame in the early banner year of the revolution.  Good work George.  Having lived in the Boston area for 4 years, I found the opening chapters about the Boston campaign to be very intriguing, being able to put together the names of all of the towns, hills, and landmarks.  Did you know the original Old North Church was torn down and used as fire wood?  I didn’t.

My Mexican experience was pretty resorty.  Lots of R&R with pina coladas and other assorted frozen drinks.  Doing nothing is highly under rated.  We went to Cancun for a night and ate at Carlos & Charlie’s, a fun touristy spot.  The cultural highlights included a trip into the cute little beach front town of Playa Del Carmen and a trip to the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza which main temple or El Castillo has a total of 364 steps.  They are steep and not fun to climb down.  The beach where we stayed along the Riviera Maya was nice, but not on par with some of the beaches I’ve seen in Jamaica, the Bahamas, or even Puerto Rico.

Here is a video of the beach/pool, about 11 megs:
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