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Mike Mamula can Swim

May 24, 2006, 11:07 AM EDT

paper clipping photo via PhiladelphiaWillDo:052406mamula

A fine product of Boston College, Mike Mamula’s jersey still hangs on the wall of the Eagles Deli in beautiful Brighton Massachusetts.  His jersey sits in the high honor along side Polaroid photos of hungry BC kids who ate a pound of meat covered in cheese otherwise known as the Godzilla burger.  The rumors around the BC campus of Mike Mamula lore include stories of him ripping down the stair case in his Mod in order to make more room for drinking.  It is due to Mike Mamula that since his departure from Chestnut Hill, no football player has ever been allowed to live in the Mods again.  That is until the record holder for the longest field goal in a Pennsylvania State Championship game arrived on campus in early 2002.

Mike Mamula, real man of genius.

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