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Monday Extras

May 1, 2006, 4:12 AM EDT

WarrenmillerjeremybloomPerhaps the biggest Eagles news from Day 2 of the draft was the pick of Jeremy Bloom who was a former Olympic skier.  That is a picture of Bloom on the slopes, lets hope he can be as exciting on special teams.

Rubin over at Blinq does a nice round up of random Bloom links including a story on how he snubbed Parisite Hilton.  He also opted for the topless shot of Bloom as opposed to the kick-ass-mid-air-flying-over-a-helicopter shot. Bloom did Well
Jeremy Bloom’s Official Site
Washington Post: Eagles Offering Skier Bloom A Shot at Return:

The Eagles continued to remake their offensive and defensive lines yesterday by trading two veterans, guard Artis Hicks and defensive tackle Hollis Thomas. Hicks was sent to the Minnesota Vikings for a sixth-round choice and a swap of fourth-rounders. Thomas was dealt to the New Orleans Saints in an exchange of fourth-round draft positions that enabled the Eagles to select Georgia guard Max Jean- Gilles.

-Kobe, while hated by most of Philly, will be the heir to the Jordan line at Nike. And his clutch performance yesterday was solid. [YouTube] [Deadspin]
-Pretty funny video of Stephen Colbert at the White House Correspondents Dinner. [Crooks&Liars]
-I think the trend among recent episodes of the Sopranos is to go for more humor than blood and guts.  A.J. using the scene from the Godfather where Michael guns down McCluskey as his defense for his weak ass attempt on Junior was hysterical.  I wonder if the A.J. plot line will develop into anything meaningful.
-I’d highly recommend the banana french toast at Marathon.