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Monday Extras

Apr 24, 2006, 12:42 AM EDT

USA Today wants us to talk about Reggie Brown, to motivate him, and the way the Eagles receivers looked last season I must oblige:

Fret over his inexperience. Whine about the
Philadelphia Eagles’ paucity of go-to receivers. Protest their failure
— or reluctance — to pursue a marquee receiver.

Make the obvious comparison. Brown couldn’t come close to matching the ability of his predecessor, Terrell Owens.

Fill up the internet chat rooms. Air your gripes on sports talk radio. Blog until your fingers turn blue.

You’re helping Brown, fueling the fire that already burns within.

"Every time I get criticized," the second-year
wideout deadpanned, "it just makes me motivated. I just want to prove
everybody wrong."

Reggie, if you can’t beat out Todd Pinkston for number 1, then you are a bust.  How’s that?