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Monday Extras

Apr 17, 2006, 3:15 AM EDT

-The Bulls helped the Sixers this weekend and ended all hopes of the Sixers making the playoffs.  The Sixers will now have some balls in the lottery.  My bet, 14th overall.

-Brett Myers owns Colorado. [Inqy]  The Phils right the ship a bit and head back to South Philly to start a home stand on Tuesday.  With Washington and Florida on deck the Phils look to recover from an atrocious start.

-Jim Thome had 7 HRs last year for the Phillies, this year he has 7 already for Chicago.  [ChicagoSunTimes]
-Paris finds basketball very interesting. [Yahoo Photos]
-Paris couldn’t cheerlead in Australia []
-They sell Vitamin water at Wawa in center city but not at Wawa in the burbs.
-Sopranos: Vito lives, for now at least.
-The guy who Vito Andolini was based off of, the Don of Dons, was recently arrested just outside of Corleone, Italy. [Time Magazine]
-Who will become the new Don of Dons? [NewCriminologist]
-Can’t a guy just get some cheese? [SMH]

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