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Monday Extras: Seeing Red

Sep 18, 2006, 10:00 AM EDT

Sometimes a change from green to red is a good thing.  Red means go, remember?

The Phillies step up and sweep the Astros.  I think it’s safe to say that this is not the same Phillies team from 2005.  Ryan Howard went yard to take his total to 57.  I can’t comment much further on the game because I didn’t watch a second of it due to the fact I was engrossed in the horrible collapse of the Eagles yesterday.

Let’s not forget Cole Hamels phenomenal outing on Saturday.  He flirted with a no hitter into the 7th.  Great to see Cole turning into an ace.  The Inquirer has a funny story about how Cole promised Coste a new car if he caught a no hitter for him:

"I didn’t mention it during the game because I didn’t want to jinx it,
but apparently mental thoughts can jinx things, too," Coste said.

The Padres beat the Dodgers yesterday, thus moving into a first for the West.  The Phillies are now a game behind the Dodgers for the wild card.  This is getting confusing.  While cheering for the Dodgers to win against the Padres on Sunday, on Monday you should cheer for the Dodgers to lose.

Here is a look at the remaining schedules:
Phillies: CHC 3, FLA 3, HOU 1, @ WSH 3, @ FLA 3
Padres: @LAD 1, ARI 3, PIT 3, @STL 3, @ARI 4
Dodgers: SD 1, PIT 3, ARI 3, @COL 3, @SF 3

I’d have to say the Phillies have the toughest road home with 6 against Florida in there.  Let’s hope for a fun 2 weeks.

-This photo gallery says it all. [Inquirer]
-Jevon Kearse & Rod Hood are hurt.  Eskin was reporting Kearse will be out anywhere from 6 weeks to the entire season. [Inquirer]
-My BC squad beat BYU in OT.  Kickers should make kicks, damnit. [Fanhouse]