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Monday Extras

Jun 19, 2006, 2:26 AM EDT

-The U.S. squad didn’t completely suck on Saturday, in fact they played rather well and kept the hopes of moving on alive by finishing 1-1 against the Italians.  The officiating on the other hand.. [NYTimes] [Deadspin]
-Nike ran a very nice tribute to the late Earl Woods and fathers everywhere.  Video at [Nike Video, need flash]
-The Phillies ended a six game losing streak by finally not giving up 7 runs against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.  Only 5 this game!  Awesome.  Now they have the easy task of back to back series with the Yankees and Red Sox.  Brett Myers vs. The Big Unit tonight in South Philly. [Phillies]
-Lito Shepard likes his bike. [Inky]
-The Eagles are having a contest for a normal everyday fan in which you can win the chance to hang out with a bald guy!  Besides getting to hang out with Dave Spadaro and being heard live on the Eagles website, you can win tickets to the home opener. []
-A great Monday morning time waster.  I recommend a little Brasil or Australia browsing. [Yahoo Photos of WorldCup]

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