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Monday Minutia

Apr 18, 2005, 7:13 AM EDT

- What the Hell is Terrell Owens complaining about.  If he sits out games next year he will lose roughly $200k per game.  You want to tell the guy to shut up.. but then you realize.. that is NOT going to happen.  In case you missed the Page2 article challenging T.O. to a debate.
- Photo highlights from this weekend in sports and females.. #3 is scary.
- Only 5 days till Draft day for the Eagles.

- Random thought of the day: The Yankees are 4-8 while the Expos are 8-4.
- The Bling which Philly deperately needs.
- For all of you Star Wars/Napolean Dynamite fans out there.
- I know many of you will be excited about this link.
- Man upset about his penile surgery bombs shit.
- Loyal readers of are familiar with our pals over at well all his hard work has finally paid off, he made it on the news in Long Island.  Watch the video off of this link and you may catch a glimpse of everyone’s favorite Asian hard at work.
- This DBP brought to you by the word CONCLAVE: