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Nine and a Half

Jun 15, 2006, 7:55 PM EDT

DavidfingbellSo this was the big series with the Mets.  Time to show what you are made of.  3 games.  3 losses.  It was ugly.

I think this nice little piece by the Beerleaguer really captures the feelings of Phillies fans.

I’m not really shocked that the Phillies are 9.5 back of the Mets, just a little disappointed.  I thought the Phillies would have been better.

I hoped.

So I own the domain over at but haven’t come up with any ideas for it. (you can tell I haven’t changed it in a while because it says the Phillies are "currently decent".)  It could be time to hit the drawing board.  Any brilliant ideas for it?

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