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No Sports For Me

Jun 7, 2005, 9:24 AM EDT

Yesterday was not a good day for me in terms of watching games I would have liked to watch.  The day game at Citizens Bank Park was.. well.. during the day, and some of us have jobs and the like.  I was getting IM updates during some of the game.  The Phils couldn’t complete the sweep, but put up a decent effort after being down big early.

It would have been nice to see Bobby A. get a late inning game winner simply to hear how the wolf man Howard Eskin would respond.  But alas, Thome and Abreu came up short.

In the second game I missed of the day, The Pistons shut down the dynamic duo of Wade and Shaq in a game I know nothing about.  Did anyone else get a hurricane rolling through their neighborhood?  Power was out for hours and all I could do was listen to Jimmy Cliff’s The Harder They Come and Bruce Springsteen’s Live in New York on my new laptop.  They are the only 2 cds I have ripped on there so far.  How weird is it when the power goes out for that long?  I didn’t even have a flashlight so my laptop was the only light I had.  Did I miss a classic in the Heat/Pistons game?  Does anyone think Larry Brown is an honest guy?