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Nobody Cares About the Phillies

Jul 5, 2006, 12:48 AM EDT

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Just take a look at the 400 level from the July 4th game at Citizens Bank Park: empty.  The vibe in South Philly is that of a fan base that knows there will be no more than one Phillies game in October this year.  Even the booing is lackluster.  People just don’t care.  It’s unfortunate that just a week before the Phillies are to send the right side of their infield, the only glimmer of hope on a team riddled with the Ryan Franklins and David Bells, to play in the midsummer classic that baseball has become meaningless in Philadelphia.  As a baseball fan, I hope for the days of a packed game on a July 4th, buzzing with fans that love the game and are passionate about a team that can walk out on to the field and know they can bring home a championship.  Maybe we can get the Athletics to move back to Philly. 

When Aaron Rowand knocked in the game winner on Tuesday, it was exciting, but it wasn’t electric.  I overheard one fan walking out of the stadium after the victory sum up most of Philadelphia’s feelings on the Phillies, "That was a great win for the Phillies, now they’re only 8 games under .500."  For the record, they are only 6 games under .500 but I’m sure that doesn’t make you want to watch them anymore now does it?

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