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Nope. Inconsistent Eagles Lose Another NFC Championship Game

Jan 18, 2009, 7:06 PM EDT

Denied again. This game summed up the Eagles season pretty well. Really
bad for stretches before fighting back and looking really good only to
come up short — kind of like Donovan McNabb's accuracy. The fault for this one can be spread all around. The defense
that played so well down the stretch came up small today and Larry
Fitzgerald was just too much.

Was that P.I. on Curtis? Probably. But one play doesn't change it.

I'm bummed. If the Eagles would have just shown up in the first half we could be partying right now and making travel arrangements to Tampa. Instead, we have to listen to some troll of a "Cardinals fan" in the comments act like he cared about that team before two weeks ago.

It's disappointing. Did you not think for a second when Desean Jackson made that catch, "holy shit, they're gonna do it!!!#@!@" Boy was that fun for a few moments.

But those smiles and chest bumps the Eagles were throwing around after the game hurt. This team just can't seem to achieve the ultimate goal. And that sucks.

Desean Jackson catch Arizona