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Nutter Not A Beer Guy Or Just On Call?

Apr 9, 2008, 10:23 AM EDT

Yesterday’s win over the Mets was quite an enjoyable way to kick of the final season at Shea Stadium. Not only did the Phillies come away with their 9th straight win over New York but the entire stadium got Rick Rolled. Amazing.

Philadelphia’s Michael Nutter was in attendance at the game with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Nutter tried to talk some baseball which didn’t exactly go real smoothly. But what I want to know is, did Nutter really drink a "glass of water" while NYC’s mayor enjoyed a cold adult beverage? What gives Nutter? No love for the glorious hot dog and beer combo?

Our only explanation is that Nutter wanted to go back to work later in the day to continue his quest to make Philadelphia a safer, more enjoyable place to live. Bloomberg probably needed a few more beers to drink his Mets sorrows away.