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OK, Tuukka Rask’s Yankee-Death Winter Classic Mask Is Pretty Awesome.

Jan 1, 2010, 10:47 AM EDT

Tukka Mask We're obviously rooting for the rough and rapid demise of the Bruins today on the ice at Fenway Park, and getting to their goalie(s) will be a huge part of that. But we must give some respect to B's netminder Tuukka Rask for the mask he'll sport today. 

Paying homage to those Boston fans who love both the Bruins and the Red Sox, Rask will be wearing a design conceived by Luke Dobie and a Beverly, Mass, police officer named Mike Boccuzzi, who, like us, has often imagined the bloody demise of the Yankees. The top of the mask has the the open mouth of a bear (that's what a Bruin is!), with a bloodied and torn Yankees pinstriped jersey coming out of his mouth. The Bear is tearing through a green stadium facade with a "Fenway Park" sign, and the chin panel features Rask's name in a Bruins-yellow Red Sox-style font. Only change I'd have suggested would be to have used a Yankees away jersey, given the Fenway theme, but I guess the tattered pinstripes are a nice touch no matter what. 

For more on the mask, including additional pictures, click here

h/t: Puck Daddy, who has some great coverage of the Classic going on. Wysh says the teams have indicated there won't likely be any fights today. Boooo.