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One, It’s the Magic Number

Sep 27, 2008, 4:08 AM EDT

The towels were out in full effect last night as were the Phillies bats. Ryan Howard continued his absolutely beastly September by belting one deep into the Phillies bullpen in the first inning to give the Phils the three run lead and get the park jumping. The Nats tried to battle back a bit but Joe Blanton kept them in check as did the rest of the pen.

Despite having a modestly cush four run lead in the 9th, Charlie wasn’t about to get complacent. Brad Lidge seemingly struck out xyz, but after arguing that he tipped the ball, the ump called it a foul. Cholly was not happy about this and proceeded to get in the umps face and rile the crowd up in the process.

I love that out of Charlie. Even in a comfortable position to win the game, he’s still showing the fire. It may be rubbing off on the team as well.

Brad Lidge appreciated the fiery support, "He got after it a little bit. I was trying to read his lips a little
bit. It was exciting. But Charlie, man, he’ll fight for you out there.
It’s great. We really appreciate it as players."

Another anecdotal highlight from the game was when the cameras zoomed in to Pat Burrell after Ryan Howard went yard in the first. Burrell had a smile as wide as can be.

Keep winning and everybody will be happy.

Random thought: Here are some ESPN video highlights. I think I’d pay to be able to watch the Phillies highlights complete with Scott Franzke and Harry Kalas calls. That’d be so worth it. MLB, you listening?

image via flickr user pauly022