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One Word to Describe the Phillies?

Jun 28, 2005, 1:02 AM EDT

Off day yesterday for the Phillies.  Today they are headed up the Garden State Parkway (or is it the Jersey Turnpike?) to face the Mets for a chance to save their lives.  The Mets have had their struggles, but are coming off of an ego booster of a series taking 2 of 3 from their cross town rival Yankees.

The topic of conversation of late, besides the simple "I give up on them", regarding the Phils seems to be the fate of Vincente.  When I was in Mexico two weeks ago I had a tour guide named Vincente.  He lasted more than 4 innings.  Both Beerleaguer and B,S,&S give some good analysis of potential moves.  The verdict seems to be.. well.. there isn’t really one.  It seems like a wait and see for Padilla, at least another start or two.  I like the idea of moving Madson to a starting role, but agree that it would be extremely hard to pull of mid season.   If they don’t have any new arms in the off season, Madson should get a good look.

On my wretched drive home from work last night, knowing Glen Macnow did the mid day show with John Marzano, I was expecting to here G. Cobb on in the evening shift, but was happy to hear Reuben Frank.  His main topic was trying to pinpoint one word that you would use to describe the Phillies.  It was fun to hear what some of the callers came up with.  I thought it would be fun to do here as well.  So what one word would you use to describe the Phillies?  (WARNING: Some small children read this website)    (OK, maybe no children read this website.  I can’t really be sure.  But my Mom does sometimes.  And she yells at me when I use foul language even when venting my frustration over the Eagles loss in the Superbowl.)

I’ll share my word later.