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Only in Pennsylvania

Mar 3, 2005, 2:15 AM EDT

This story does not appear in The Onion, but rather over at  Those friggin’ sports parents and their ordered hits.  They need to watch some more mob movies to learn how to get a job done right.

In all seriousness, this is completely nuts:

UNIONTOWN, Pa. — A T-ball coach charged with offering a player $25
to bean a disabled teammate has refused a plea agreement and will
instead stand trial in May.

      Mark Downs Jr., 27, still maintains he did nothing wrong before the June 27 playoff game.

But prosecutors say Downs did not want 9-year-old Harry Bowers
Jr. to play in the game because the boy isn’t as talented as other
players and is mildly mentally retarded and autistic.

Another player, Keith Reese, testified at a preliminary hearing that he
threw balls that hit Bowers in the groin and the ear before the game
after Downs offered him $25 to make sure Bowers wouldn’t be able to