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Pants Party Details

Jul 10, 2007, 11:28 AM EDT

My fellow Deadspinners, I present to you this beautiful map, designed by Rob I., describing the early afternoon activities for Saturday’s Deadspin Pants Party.  Plan: meet for some tailgating in the lot outlined below followed by a Phillies game and a trip to Kildares on South Street (Daulerio lined us up a room and drink specials), followed by… you can all take it from there.  Maybe some late night at persons’ cribs.  You can get to the lots whenever you like, I’ll likely get there circa the 1-2:00 PM time frame.  Tailgating is allowed in this lot, but as Rob pointed out in the comments, you will have to pay $10 to park.  Buck up.

First pitch Saturday is 3:55PM.  (Updated map for Subway people)

Phillytailgate Click to enlarge.  So if you’re coming off the Subway, walk down Pattison towards the stadium.  Drivers probably best to get off the Packer Ave. exit of 95.

And the winner of the 2 tickets I was giving away to Saturday’s game is…

Alcanthang!  Congrats young commenter.  You’re the big winner.

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