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Perhaps Only Alyssa Milano Can Cure Phils’ Woes

Jul 9, 2008, 10:14 AM EDT

The big stat being thrown around right now is that since sweeping the Braves in early June, the Phillies have gone a putrid 9-17. Three of those wins came in another sweep of our only bitch nowadays, the Bravos. Their woes are many, but the most glaring of late is their inability to score. Last night, should-be All-Star Cole Hamels put in another strong outing, going seven innings and allowing only two ER on three hits, two of which were solo blasts.

The Phillies gave exactly zero run support, and we can’t point to the outstanding pitching they’re facing anymore. This was Joel Pineiro. Nothing against Joel, but this Phillies lineup should be able to hang at least four on him. And to cap it off, they got closed out by Ryan Franklin.

But help is on the way…

Via Chamomiles over at The Fightins’,
we learned yesterday that Alyssa Milano will be down at the park
tomorrow—something about selling clothes that she looks totally hot in,
we’re not sure. Go ahead and soak in that picture up there for a bit
though. Ms. Milano, who has long been quite the avid baseball fan, was
also a guest of Mikey Miss yesterday. Check it out here.

So despite the Mets ascent up the mediocre NL East’s standings, Carlos
Ruiz’s penchant for the ol’ GIDP, and the fact that the most definitive
power hitter we’ve ever seen tried to BUNT on last night (second time this season!), we still have
something to look forward to come Thursday.