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Phillies Fans Cope With Being 1-Hit by the Nats in Less Than Sanitary Fashion

Apr 3, 2008, 9:54 AM EDT

After a rocky top of the first, Cole Hamels settled in and limited the Nationals to just one run over 8 innings on Wednesday night. But despite their vaunted offense and the bandbox dimensions of their home park, the Phillies could only manage a single hit.

(That’s all we got? Just one goddamn hit? /Uecker)

Unfortunately, the hit didn’t clear the outfield wall, and the Phils lost 1-0. How did the South Philly faithful react? By littering the field with debris, of course! After an unprecedented second straight loss to start the season, a few fans felt the need to artfully construct a street installation of sorts to symbolize their protestations for Phillies management. We’re sure that will get the Teflonics’ attention, and rather than further reducing promotions aimed at college-aged fans (such as last night’s Dollar Dog Night), they’ll probably sign a previously unknown top-tier free agent third basemen and tonight’s power outage will be nothing more than a laughable memory come playoff time.

At least a Mets fan got tossed out with the trash.