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Phillies get the brooms out for San Fran!

Jun 3, 2005, 6:39 AM EDT

Sweeeeeeeeeeep!  The Phillies completed the sweep last night against the San Francisco Giants.  Jon Lieber pitched well enough to get the win.  Atlanta blew up in the eighth to lose to Washington making the East separated by only 2.5 games.  The Phillies also reached .500 for the season.

The offensive highlight of the night came with bases loaded and David Bell up in the bottom of the 3rd, which at the time seemed like the 8th, and singled in the 2 go ahead runs.  The crew of the700Level represented well, and I raised my season record to 6-2.  Mr. DBM raised his record to 17-1 on the season, according to his most recent estimates.  In similar news, the DBM is snoring extremely loudly and is about to receive a slap to the forehead.

Back to the Phillies..  The Phillies may only be a .500 team and there may have only been 25,000 people at last nights game, but when Billy Wagner came in for the save it was mad exciting.  Perhaps I am a baseball geek, which I don’t exactly think is true, but I can get excited about a "meaningless" game in early June.  There was a great older fan in front of us, when I mentioned that Lance Niekro was related to Phil Niekro of the.. Padres?  Honestly, I didn’t remember who Phil Niekro played for.. what was I?  5 years old?  The guy in front of us instantly spit out that Phil Niekro pitched for the Braves for years and had a brother Joe Niekro who pitched for Houston.  Where else can you get that kind of information besides at a baseball game?   I was the only one of the Level crew who knew the Niekro connection, and at least I knew Phil was a knuckleballer, so I felt good about my knowledge, of course, unless everything I just typed was false.

On my drive to the game, a "fan" on sports radio 610 WIP said anyone who was driving to Thursday’s game was a "sap" and "moron" for wasting their money.  I went to two games in two nights and I couldn’t have asked for two more exciting games.  What else could a Phillies fan  have asked for?  Maybe it would have been a tad sweeter if Latroy Hawkins came in to blow another game in the bottom of the ninth.  Go Phils!

Who has my ticket for tonight’s game?

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