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Phillies Management: They’re Too Old and Wrinkly?

Jul 12, 2006, 11:46 AM EDT

If you follow Philly news at all you would know that Brett Myers hit his wife about a month ago in Boston.  You would also know that the Phillies management handled the situation poorly.  You may or may not have known that over the weekend Phillies Chairman Bill Giles claimed that Myers never even hit his wife and that police reports were wrong.  Yesterday, Phillies President David Montgomery cleared that one up and basically said Giles doesn’t really know much about anything.Davidmontgomery_1

Burger King thinks the fans should boycott upcoming games against the Braves and the Marlins.  While a call for a boycott is stupid and a ratings ploy, Eskin does have one thing going for him.  Who the hell would want to go to watch these games in the first place?

My hypothesis as to why the Phillies organization has been mired in suckdom: All of the people that run the organization are old, boring, and unattractive.  Sure the unattractive part is a stretch, but I’m serious about management being old and boring.  But a good looking young kid seemed to turn around decades almost a century of losing in Boston.

Look at these guys. (Giles & Gillick.  Can we get them on Queer Eye?)Giles_gillick

The Phillies organization has been puttering along for decades now with seemingly no desire to become a perennial contender with a true atmosphere of winning. (see Yankees, Red Sox) There needs to be a regime change: a new winning attitude like a Pat Croce, a nutbag fan like Mark Cuban (if I only had billions), a young forward thinking talent such as a Theo Epstein, or an out of the box thinking statistician such as a Billy Beane.

I realize this isn’t exactly uncovering the secret formula to how to turn the Phillies into a winning organization.  It’s more of a call to action.  Most fans realize action needs to be taken.  The problem is: we just don’t know what would solve the problem that is the Phillies.  At least shake things up from the current boring old state of things.