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Phillies roster spots coming down to wire

Mar 28, 2005, 6:12 AM EDT

With only a week left until opening day, it’s nearing that time for the Phillies to be finalizing their roster for opening day.  Kenny Lofton and Marlon Byrd are likely to open the season on the DL, which leaves 2 likely spots open with a few players fighting for a spot.  I would love to see Ryan Howard be on the squad and get to play on Thome’s off days. 

So who is excited for the Phillies?

Link: Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/27/2005 | With just 2 spots on Phils’ bench, 3 will be a crowd.

If both (Lofton, Byrd) players open on the DL, and the Phils stick with their plan of going with 12 pitchers, there will be two jobs open on the bench. Jose Offerman, Ryan Howard and Shane Victorino are the candidates – for now.

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