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Phillies Split Day & Series w Nats

Aug 18, 2005, 11:14 PM EDT

I’ve been neglecting the Phillies a little bit.  With the T.O. drama keeping us entertained on the Eagles’ front and the long days of summer baseball dragging on, like many others, my interest in the Phillies has waned at times.  I’ve still been following them of course, just not with the same fervor.  I haven’t been able to watch as many of the recent games, so my own opinion as of late has been more of a hodgepodge of what I read on the blogs, read in the paper, or what I see on the highlight real.

I watched a good deal of Thursday’s second game, and it was a good example of my Phillies experience.  They jumped out to a nice lead in front of a decent effort by Cory Lidle.  Chase Utley excited us with a bomb to deep right center and Cormier held a lead for us.  Uggie came in to pitch the 8th and we’ve seem to come to expect him to dominate lately, like he did in the early game as part of the newly crowned pen triumvirate.  But, the Phillies let this one get away.  They are sneaking under the radar, still in the lead for the Wild Card spot in the NL by a half game over the Nats and Astros.  I haven’t given up hope of a playoff birth, but I’m also not expecting anything out of them.  I am a Phillies fan.