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Phillies Tied for WildCard Lead

Sep 15, 2005, 12:26 AM EDT

Phils Win 12-4Ramonmartinezsalami2That is three straight over the Braves.  The BRAVES.  The crowds at CBP have been among all time lows for the new ball park.  Should be interesting to see how many fans they get out tonight for the possible sweep.

So I turn the game on, watch for a little bit, then Ramon Martinez comes up to bat with bases loaded and I say, "what the hell is Ramon Martinez doing playing?" and about 30 seconds later he hits a Grand Slam.  Charlie knows best?  eh.  Lucky swing.  Way to go Ramon.

The Phillies have been on fire at the plate.  Everybody seems to be hitting the ball lately.  Bobby even made a stellar play in the outfield!  Maybe they do have a chance?

Also noteworthy: Andruw Jones’ 300th home run was the longest shot I ever recall seeing at CBP.  It was basically 10 feet from landing in Harry the K’s second level bar.  BOMB.

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