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Philly Fans are Fickle

Sep 15, 2005, 2:27 PM EDT

I received this email from the world’s greatest commenter and human, Sid, regarding the post the other day on whether you would prefer an Eagles or Phillies playoff game:

Hey one of you guys need to write up a whole post dedicated to the fact that everyone picked going to a phillies playoff game over going to an eagles playoff game. That’s pretty crazy considering fact that when the phillies lose everyone gives up on them, but if they go to the playoffs everyone is going to love them?

I am a bit shocked at the responses as well. I think I was the only one to pick the Eagles.  I suppose it has to do with the Eagles being a playoff team year after year in recent memory.  One of the reasons I didn’t go with the Phillies was due to my experience at the final game of the Houston series.  The Phillies made an incredible comeback to take the lead in the 8th and Billy Wagner came in to close it out in the 9th.  In other stadiums around the league the fans would be on their feet for the entire 9th inning, especially with Billy Wags throwing heat.  I was standing in the 6th row behind the Stros dugout and people were annoyed at me for standing and clapping.  I don’t see the passion in Phillies fans that I see in Eagles fans.

I’ve never seen anything like 4th and 26 or last years NFC Championship, but then again, I’ve never seen a Phillies playoff game.