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Philly’s Moment to.. Shine

May 2, 2006, 10:10 PM EDT

Bonds_roids_1With the Flyers packing their bags, the Phillies mired in mediocrity (at best), the Sixers

spending their time on the links or perhaps the Taj, and the

Eagles coming off a 6-10 season from hell.. Philly fans don’t have a lot to get excited


Philadelphians have been known to take pride in their passionate and often volatile

behavior.  They haven’t won anything in decades.  They’ve earned a bad reputation

and have become known as the fans who threw snowballs at Santa Claus.  (If you read

Glen MacNow’s Great

Philadelphia Fan Book he clears all the falsehoods behind the story)

Enter the perfect storm.  The unpersonable poster boy villain of

the steroid era, on the brink of passing the most legendary, storied figure in all of

sports, entering the city with those fans.  As of end of play Tuesday, Barry

Bonds is Deadspin on Bonds [Deadspin]
-Barry Bonds is Coming to Town [theilladelph]
-Philly Fans Prepare to Welcome Bonds [Philly Burbs]

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