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Phish Live in Brooklyn DVD

Jul 11, 2006, 9:37 AM EDT

PhishbrookdvdWhile most of you watched Ryan Howard put on a spectacle at PNC Park last night I was at the movies watching a show that was put on at Keyspan Park on Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY.  In the Summer of 2004 Phish went on their final tour ever and kicked it off at a show in Brooklyn which turned out to be a memorable one for many reasons.  Not only was I at the show in Brooklyn but it was also recorded and turned into a full length concert DVD.  I saw Phish a few times later on their final tour, including a show in Camden and the final farewell festival in Vermont, but my last truly great Phish musical experience was in Brooklyn.  Camden was memorable for Phish playing their final show in our area and Coventry was obviously an experience.  But Coventry was dampened a bit by the rains and venue issues.  I’d say I remember Coventry more for the 48 hours I spent sitting in traffic with my little sister rather than Phish’s encore performance. 

I remember Brooklyn for the music.  It’s pretty lucky that they decided to turn the show into a DVD.

ConeycamphoneI’d never seen a concert on a movie screen.  It certainly loses much of the concert vibe, but the musical highlights can certainly still put a smile on your face.  I hadn’t listened to the show since seeing it live back in 2004 but I remembered Suzy Greenberg sticking out as the show highlight.  My memory didn’t fail me.  What I didn’t remember as clearly was the sick Moma Dance > Free in the first set which translated tremendously to the movie theater: dark and funky.  On their final tour in a post-hiatus world, Phish put on a show on a summer night at the ball park in Brooklyn which can stand up against some of the classics.  And it’s archived forever.

Observations on seeing a Phish show at the movies vs. live in Brooklyn:
-They don’t sell Nathan’s Famous hot dogs at the movies.  They most certainly don’t sell any Sammy Smith Oatmeal Stout at the movies either.
-Phish fans are still a crunchy bunch and will still dance anywhere.. including a movie theater.
-It was really pouring rain that night.  The Divided Sky encore was apropos.
-The theatre I was at had a whole bunch of sound issues: losing sound for the end of Dinner and a Movie and most of The Curtain With.  Weak.
-What ever happened to those Phish at the Spectrum on Halloween 2006 rumors?
-Buy the DVD
-Phish put together an E-Card in which you can watch a Tweezer from the following night in Brooklyn and the Possum featured in the DVD.

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