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Quotable: Brashear on Flyers and Caps Fans

Apr 8, 2008, 10:04 PM EDT

For the five people who still think the Caps have better fans than our fair Flyers, maybe you should ask Donald Brashear, who stopped just short of calling the DC crowd "fair-weather fans" on the air with Angelo & Co. Tuesday morning. Brashear, who filled the enforcer role for the Flyers for several seasons and now plays for the Capitals, pointed to the fans as the primary difference between playing in Philly and Washington. Donny was characteristically diplomatic in his wording, and he doesn’t seem to bothered by the casual support, but we’re not going to let that stop a little playoff trash talking.

In related news, Brashear has a blog, and he’s started an NHL playoffs challenge with a case prize.

I have a great Flyers memory from a few seasons ago, when I was watching a Flyers game on TV. A Flyer scored a goal, and the entire crowd in the frame behind the net jumped up with hands raised to celebrate. For a moment, I’d forgotten that the game was in Washington.