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Quotable: McNabb is ‘Fine Like Wine’

Jan 14, 2009, 2:54 PM EDT

Les Bowen captures some of the highlights from yesterday's pressers, including this gem from McNabb.

Asked about getting better as he gets older, McNabb said: "Fine like wine, baby."

"The cop-out at times is, people say, 'he's getting too old,' or
'he's not able to do the things he was able to do back five years ago.
None of us can do the things we did five years ago — not even you
guys," McNabb said.

"Some of you are writing slower than you did five
years ago. The stuff you talk about in the paper just don't make sense.
Some of you are dressing kind of funny. But … really, that's just
something people can just cling on to say, and then everybody goes with
it. Then you have Vinny Testaverde, almost 44 years old, coming in and
winning a game. You have Kurt Warner (who turns 38 in June) being,
really, second in the MVP, putting up almost 5,000 yards. It's really
the position you're in … Thirty-two years old is really not old.
That's really at the prime of your career. Some of you guys sitting
here wish you were 32 — I'll tell you about it, it's fun