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Quotestart: Paterno’s Legacy, Harts & Loops, Manuel’s Bullpen, and the Meeks Mill

Jan 27, 2012, 8:43 AM EDT

The morning's stories in key quotations.

The morning’s stories in key quotations.

Joe Paterno on his legacy: “They ask me what I want written about me when I’m gone,” Paterno famously said. “I hope they write I made Penn State a better place, not just that I was a good football coach.” [Collegian]

Nike founder and chairman Phil Knight on Joe Paterno: “I do not follow conventional wisdom, ” Knight continued. “Joe is my hero.” The crowd stood again in applause a minute later when Knight closed a thought by asking, “Who are the real trustees at Penn State University?” [Kevin McGuire, Examiner]

Scott Hartnell on sharing a toilet with former teammate Joffrey Lupul at the All-Star Draft: “Let’s just say we shared the same bathroom at one time. He had to get out there quick. Everyone likes to play swords I guess,” he said, with a laugh. [Puck Daddy]

Charlie Manuel on the Phillies bullpen upon Brad Lidge’s departure: “We have some question marks in our bullpen,” Manuel said. “But at the same time, we always have one or two guys a year that come into their own and they throw better than they usually have. Right now, I’m not really concerned about all that.” [Matt Gelb, Inquirer]

New Union striker and Panama captain Gabriel Gomez’s impressions of his new team: “The little that I know about the team comes from the sporting manager, [head of scouting and player development} Diego Gutiérrez,” Gómez said. “I’ve also spoken a lot with Freddy Adu, who was my teammate in Portugal. I know of a few of the players like Faryd Mondragón, and Peter Nowak, who’s a great coach – I don’t have any doubts about that.” [Philadelphia Union]

Sixers coach Doug Collins on a blip he’d rather not see become a trend: “I thought last night we went more east to west than north-south,” Collins said. “We started going this way like a windshield wiper instead of penetrating. “I have two gauges I look at for our team. How do we start a game turnover wise? We had five quickly last night. And how many shots does Jodie Meeks get in the course of a game? When he gets four that says to me the ball is not moving.” [Dei Lynam, CSNPhilly]

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