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Radio Wars! 950 vs. 610 Bar Room Style

Aug 26, 2009, 1:04 PM EDT

It's clear that 950 ESPN has made major inroads into 610 WIP's space as the place to turn the radio dial to in order to hear some Philly sports chatter. Mikey Miss has surpassed Howard Eskin in recent months as the most listened to afternoon show among prime demographics. But these ratings facts are uninteresting. What is slightly more interesting is a tale of a 950 employee having words and almost throwing down with a WIP employee at a bar in Fairmount. [video of the brawl below]

Dan Gross first reported the story
of WIP's Rob Charry being approached by a guy named "Pieface" from ESPN 950 at a local drinking establishment. What started out as a friendly introduction quickly turned to stupid bar behavior.

Charry, says an eyewitness, soon insulted ESPN 950 and said that if the
station were any good, he would be on it. We hear the conversation
escalated into Pieface calling Charry a "c—sucker" and telling him
that if he said one more cross word about ESPN 950, they would have to
take it outside.

As if you needed anymore proof that a guy who goes by the name "Pieface" must be a douchebag, Mikey Miss brought Mr. Face on the air to defend himself and nailed the point home that he does, in fact, come off like a douchebag. Radio hosts arguing at a bar seems akin to people arguing on Internet message boards. Even if you win you're still a loser.

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Video of the brawl: