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Ray Emery’s New(er) Mask Pays Homage to Philly Goaltending Greats

Jan 5, 2010, 12:07 AM EDT

Flyers goalie Ray Emery may be nearing a return to the crease, ahead of the original timetable after undergoing abdominal surgery. And, when he does return, he’ll be sporting a newly painted mask. 

We gave him props for his first mask as a Flyer, which paid homage to the great boxers of Philadelphia—past, present, and fictional. The latest design offers its reverence to the best goalies in the franchise’s history. Via CSN Philly’s John Boruk, we have these pics:

Ray emery mask 1

Ray emery mask 2 

And here’s the back panel, depicting an intersection you may have heard of, a pair of boxing gloves, the Liberty Bell, and Emery’s nickname.

Ray emery mask back 

Not bad at all. Bernie, Hexy, and Pelle were pretty good. I personally would have gone with a Cerberus of Tommy Soderstrom, Dominic Roussel, and Stephane Beauregard, but I guess people don’t want to give ’92-’93 its due these days.