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Reid takes vacation, Doesn’t remember pants

Mar 24, 2005, 11:13 AM EDT

Ok, So maybe I made up the part about the pants, but he did take a nice vacation.  I’m sure it was much nicer than your last vacation.. Sure tops the beating I took in Vegas.

He does actually open up a little in this piece and enjoys a few whale blowings.

Link: Philadelphia Daily News | 03/24/2005 | SURF’S UP, HAIR’S DOWN.

Andy Reid is not who you think he is. He is not really the uncommunicative, yep-nope, time-is-yours guy you see on your television screen during those sleep-inducing day-after-the-game news conferences. Get him away from that sterile auditorium at the NovaCare Complex, get him away from the television minicams and the media packs and, honest to God, he’s a terrific interview. Put him in an island paradise like Maui, with a view of the South Pacific in front of him and eggs Benedict on crab on his breakfast plate and the guy can be downright funny, engaging, candid and yes, even informative. "Wow, did you see that?" Reid said after spotting a pair of whales off in the distance. "See them out there? The one just blew. There he goes again. See it?"

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