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Riley Cote, Jeff Carter & Co. Hang With Snoop, Slightly Stoopid, and a Marley

Aug 8, 2009, 3:16 PM EDT

Snoop Dogg was in town last night, keepin the plastic on it down at the Festival Pier. Apparently, the Flyers Rat Pack has some good and diverse music tastes, because a few of them were there as well, just like when My Morning Jacket came to town. Via Riley Cote’s twitter, we can see that he, Jeff Carter, and former Flyer and current Ranger Donald Brashear got to meet a hip hop legend. 

Nice jersey choice, Doggfather. Kind of interesting to see two of the most prolific PIM earners are buddies off the ice. Can’t wait to see them go at it again this season, but hopefully it goes better than this. Of course, enforcers are a different breed. But watch that first fight, and imagine yourself a part of it, then seven months later back stage at a Snoop concert with the other guy.

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