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Road Trip Travel Guide

May 5, 2005, 10:33 AM EDT

Well, Not much on the breaking news front this morning so I figured what better than a Road Trip Travel Guide:

A Lovely Bag Every fan needs a beautiful Phillies Leather Travel Bag.  This is great to throw all of your clothes in, much more efficient than your old piece of crap bag you had in college that is smelly and dirty, which you got for free for signing up for a credit card;you used to carry beer in to try and sneak into your dorm and there was always that one can that got punctured and allowd beer to spill all over your bag and you never cleaned it.  So get one of these nice new ones.

Whiskey All Philadelphians enjoy a nice nip from time to time, what better to drink from than a  Philadelphia Eagles Flask.

Jacket You never know what kind of weather you will run into on a road trip, so be prepared with your Phillies Retro Jacket.  Great for picking up the opposing cities woman.


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