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Ryan Howard Has a Big Stick

Apr 8, 2006, 3:48 PM EDT

35 inches is a lot of wood:

"Look at this," he says. "This thing’s 35 inches, 34½ ounces. But look how small it looks in his hands. We say, ‘Is it really that big? Or is it just that big when we pick it up?’ This thing is like a tree. But it’s like a toy to him."

A nice piece on the future of the Phillies over at  Charlie Manuel says he can be in the same league as Manny, Thome, Lofton, and Puckett

I like Pat Burrell’s response to who would play Howard in a movie:

And they’re the guys you hear other players buzzing about. Which brings us to our final Ryan Howard clubhouse topic: Who would play this guy in the movie?

From Randy Wolf: "After [that near-brawl this spring with Josh Beckett], how about Larry Holmes?"

From Rollins: "Gotta be that guy from ‘The Green Mile’ — Michael Clarke Duncan, because he’s a big, gentle guy."

Finally, from Pat Burrell: "Who would play Ryan Howard? Man, that’s easy. Godzilla."

Howard Finding the Sweet Spot [ESPN]