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Ryan Howard The Modern-Day Willie Stargell?

Aug 30, 2006, 11:42 AM EDT

Ryan Howard continued on his MVP caliber season last night by tying Mike Schmidt’s single season Phillies HR record at 48.  Phillies fans have been in awe of Howard all season.  Schmidty’s accolades towards Howard are something I didn’t really expect to hear.  I love hearing great players talk about great players:

"He might be the modern-day Willie Stargell," Schmidt said of Howard.
"Lefthanded hitter with a distinct approach to hitting that I’m sure
guys will be imitating for years. Young kids holding the bat out, sort
of like [Jim] Thome… . He’s making that extension with the bat, just
like Stargell used to windmill that bat and set it as the pitcher was
winding up. They both can hit the ball in the upper deck. Willie used
to hit some of the longest balls in the history of the league, and they
talked about them, just like they’re talking about some of Ryan’s home

If the Phillies make the wild card, how can you not give Howard the MVP?

The Inquirer has some great audio of Schmidt talking about Howard catching Mike Schmidt’s Phillies record.

-Schmidt praises Howard’s punch [Inquirer]

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