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Sal’s Pals Speak

Apr 24, 2006, 11:09 AM EDT

SalspalsOn Saturday I wrote about Sal Fasano and his new following known as Sal’s Pals and in the end of my write up I encouraged the readers to write in to send photos and stories about the bunch.  Tom Dudzic came through.  Tom is one of the founders of Sal’s Pals and sent in some shots from recent Phillies games.  I asked him what made them start a Fasano fan club.

We created Sal’s Pals because we feel something needs to bring life to
this Phillies team, and not to mention getting the fans fired up.
Fasano is a character with his appearence and his personality and what
better person to have a fan group for.  Look back and people can see
that the catcher is one of the true leaders of any good team in real
life and in the movies as well.  Jason Varitek of the 2004 Red Sox,
Thurman Munson of the 1976 Yankees (also had a fu-manchu,
coincidence? I think not), Jake Taylor from Major League, Crash Davis
from Bull Durham, all leaders.  Lieberthal has had a great run with the
Phillies but his laid back, California cool style is different than
what Philadelphians are used to.  Even Daulton was great for us the
last time we made the playoffs, but as we all know he’s now predicting
the end of the world.

You can’t argue with that.  Thanks to Tom and his fellow Phillies fans.  Using Fasano’s Fu Manchu as the ‘A’ in your sign is truly great work.  Feel free to email us the700level [at] with any photos or stories.