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Shirts Off Weekend Awards

Jul 18, 2005, 11:48 PM EDT

Best Projectile Vomit in a limousine: Will
Best craps teacher who doesn’t really know anything about craps: Rob
Best Sweater: Kev
Award for the best surfer look without actually taking a surf board into the water: Testa
Award for being equated to the most characters in Not Another Teen Movie and/or fist pump of the year: Kenny
Most likely to give 23 random chics massages: Joe
Award for guy with a brother with the hottest girlfriend: Cos
Most likely to act like an angry loving mother and a 6 year old with bladder problems simultaneously while providing us with phenomenal accommodations: Wilson
Award for M.A.I.A. and biggest disappointment of the weekend: Kang
Surprise wardrobe malfunction: Nolan’s lack of bandanna
Biggest disappointment in a sequel, "The Beaver on the Kitchen Floor II: Failure": Burnsie
Most knowledge of the Phillies besides myself: Perazio
Best bodily scar inflicted upon self: O’leary
Worst performance by a female besides Sara: The chic who didn’t want to get in the limo.
Best performance in talking trash in a game of Beirut that never really seemed to take place: Greenberg
Award for taking the ball and slam dunking it like Andrew Toney over Bird in the ’82 Eastern Conference Finals: Jimmy
Most predictable departure in the middle of a booze fest in order to consult a priest about blowing shit up: Yudt

You know, papers, business papers.

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