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Site News: Partners with Comcast SportsNet

Mar 15, 2010, 11:48 AM EDT

Like most Eagles fans, I woke up on the morning of January 11th,
2004 amped to watch the Birds' divisional playoff game against Brett
Favre and the Green Bay Packers on TV. Little did I know that my dad
woke up early that Sunday to drive down to South Philly to see if he
could score us any last minute tickets to the game. He tends to "have a
guy" for these sorts of situations. When the phone rang around 2:00
p.m. with my dad on the other end, all he said was "dress warm." It
wasn't until we walked down to our seats two hours later that I realized we were on the
first row on the 50-yard line.

The swing of emotion — from being
down three points with a minute and a half to go, facing an
insurmountable 4th and 26, to the moment Freddie Mitchell caught that
Donovan McNabb pass — was the sort joy you can only get at a sporting
event surrounded by 67,706 of your closest friends jumping up and down,
screaming like lunatics. I wanted to bottle that moment up to remember
that feeling forever.

I couldn't, of course. But I did go home after the game and post a simple photo of my view from the first row on the Internet. I think it was the start of something good.

all worthwhile endeavors on the Internet, has
continually evolved over the past few years. Twitter didn't exist in
2004, neither did YouTube, and sports blogs were hard to find. 

Anybody who has been following the site since the early days has
seen the transformation. Initially, it was only my random ramblings
on whatever happened that day in sports. A couple of years later, my
old pal Matt started chipping in and quickly became an integral part of
site. During the summer of '08 a loquacious and knowledgeable commenter named Kulp
turned into a regular poster, educating us all on the Eagles, and midway
through last Sixers' season we found their fan voice in Andrew.

I'm excited to announce that has entered a new stage in its history. We have officially partnered with Comcast
SportsNet and will retain editorial independence, while tapping
into the unique access, technology, and resources of Comcast SportsNet in Philadelphia.

past five years, through two business consulting jobs and a two-year
stint in grad school, I've spent the majority of my free time
trying to make this site as fun, entertaining, and interesting as
possible. Now, it will be my full time job to do so. Perhaps the best
part of it all, we get to keep the band together. While I'll be working
the Level full time, Matt, Andrew, and Kulp will continue contributing
same fantastic takes on Philly sports that you've come to expect out of

You may be thinking, Why now? Will the site change at all? All fair questions.
Through hard work and solid writing, blogs have fought their way into
the mainstream media conversation. has enjoyed somewhat
of a first-mover advantage in the Philly sports blog space. We've been
doing it a long time and I like to think we do it pretty well. But
there were maybe two or three other Philly sports blogs in existence
when I started. Now there are hundreds. This move allows us to not only
differentiate, but to also put my undivided attention and effort into
making this site a must visit destination for Philly sports fans.

Plus, we get to call Philly sports gurus like Jim Salisbury, Tim Panaccio, and Ray Didinger co-workers. Ray Diddy!

whole lot will change right away besides me probably having to work a
lot harder. But that's a good thing. It gets lonely in my parents'
basement. Eventually, we'll probably spruce up the site design a bit,
something that's been long overdue, and add some other new elements I
you'll enjoy.

to all the readers and commenters over the years who helped make this
possible. We're going to cover Philly sports in the same
unique way we've always done and we're going to have fun doing it—from
the perspective of lifelong fans.

Hopefully a few years from now, we can look back at today and say it was the start of another good thing.

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