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Sixers Come From Behind to Stun Celtics

Mar 24, 2008, 10:17 PM EDT

After trailing by 11 in the fourth quarter, the Sixers stormed back in Boston to beat the mighty Celtics 95-90.  Andre Iguodala led the way with 28 points while Andre Miller added 20, 6, and 6.  The Sixers added 30 points from the charity stripe and are one game over five hundred for the first time all season.

This Sixers win is just the latest in an impressive late season stretch during which they’ve beaten the defending champion Spurs and now this season’s best Eastern team, the Boston Celtics.

It looks like the Sixers will in fact be a playoff team and with the way they’re playing, they could really give a high seed a head ache.  The Sixers now have one more win than their entire 2006-2007 campaign.

Loyal reader, Goot, says Andre Iguodala played with confidence and added some of his authority slams that we’ve come to love him for.

The Sixers!  They’re good, people.